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CTV, Pre-Roll and Outstream Solutions

Example Health Department Video Ad Targeting Gay/Bi Men in Select Zip Codes

Pre-Roll, In-Article & CTV

Gay Ad Network video advertising excels with precise LGBTQ targeting and measurable outcomes, surpassing traditional TV commercials. We offer Pre-roll, In-article, and CTV video inventory, accessible both directly and programmatically. Agencies and trading desks can directly book campaigns or create marketplace deals with tailored targeting and exclusivity terms.

Connected TV, Pre-roll, Outstream & In-Banner Video

• Target LGBTQ content or audience
• Pre, mid, and post-roll options
• Outstream for web and apps
• In-banner video options
• 15, 30, 60+ sec ad durations
• Hosted or VAST 2.0 or later
• Pre-roll tracking
• PPCV pricing option

Delivery Across Major Video Networks

Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads can target custom LGBTQ audience segments on pre-defined allow lists.

Example Pre-Roll Video Ad Targeting LGBTQ Travelers in Select Markets

Connected TV with Complete Insights

Access 100% viewable, non-skippable Connected TV inventory. You can enhance access with data for addressable targeting. We also support Nielsen DAR and Comscore vCE for the measurement of Connected TV.