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CTV, Pre-Roll and Outstream Solutions

Example Health Department Video Ad Targeting Gay/Bi Men in Select Zip Codes

Pre-Roll, In-Article & CTV

Gay Ad Network video advertising excels with precise LGBTQ targeting and measurable outcomes, surpassing traditional TV commercials. We offer Pre-roll, In-article, and CTV video inventory, accessible both directly and programmatically. Agencies and trading desks can directly book campaigns or create marketplace deals with tailored targeting and exclusivity terms.

Connected TV, Pre-roll, Outstream & In-Banner Video

• Target LGBTQ content or audience
• Pre, mid, and post-roll options
• Outstream for web and apps
• In-banner video options
• 15, 30, 60+ sec ad durations
• Hosted or VAST 2.0 or later
• Pre-roll tracking
• PPCV pricing option

Delivery Across Major Video Networks

Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads can target custom gay audience segments on pre-defined whitelists.

Example Pre-Roll Video Ad Targeting LGBTQ Travelers in Select Markets

Connected TV with Complete Insights

Access 100% viewable, non-skippable Connected TV inventory. You can enhance access with data for addressable targeting. We also support Nielsen DAR and comScore vCE for the measurement of the metrics you care about most when it comes to Connected TV including Gross Rating Points, on-target percentage, and more.