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Solutions for Trading Desks and DSPs

Gay Ad Network delivers the highly desirable LGBTQ audience across a curated network of brand-safe LGBTQ digital media properties.

Gay Ad Network is the preferred LGBTQ media partner for the world’s largest brands, buyers and advertising agencies.

Our programmatic marketplace is the first and only LGBTQ marketplace to offer access to premium LGBTQ content in real-time with the ability to build customized LGBTQ audience segments for advanced targeting across display, video and mobile inventory sources.

Buying in the Open Market via Microsoft Exchange


All inventory placements are audited by Gay Ad Network and Microsoft. We only represent owned and operated and directly managed LGBT inventory.

Ideal for Trading Desks

We provide allow lists and site categorization to enable contextual relevancy.


Full Transparency

All placements are fully transparent to improve targeting and optimization of campaigns.


To start buying on Gay Ad Network, target our Microsoft Xandr (Appnexus) Member ID: 1773. Allow lists can be added.

Create Your Gay Ad Network Private Marketplace

Deal ID Support

Establish a Deal ID to control floor price and buying terms.

Custom Targeting

We can overlay our first party and third-party audience segments to create custom targeting lists.

Rich Media Supported

Besides standard IAB display, mobile and high-impact rising star units are available.

Get Started

Contact us to establish your Gay Ad Network Private Marketplace program.