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LGBTQ Digital Display Advertising

Connect with consumers in a genuine LGBTQ space to foster deeper brand loyalty. Gay Ad Network places your ads on a curated roster of award-winning websites, frequented by users seeking the latest in LGBTQ news, travel, health, and entertainment. We continuously audit all our partner websites to guarantee brand safety and uphold the highest standards of quality.


Leverage our exclusive publisher partnerships that offer guaranteed first-party, top-tier inventory and our first-party LGBTQ audience data to expand reach on mainstream sites. Our innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform masterfully fine-tunes campaign performance — seamlessly navigating websites, devices, operating systems, creative elements, and specific audience sectors.


Display Advertising

Banner ads can be targeted by site list, app list, content category or Gay Ad Network’s custom LGBTQ audience segments.

Standard IAB Ads
Sizes include 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, 160×600, 320×50, and 320×480. HTML5 is supported.
Guaranteed Views
Marketers and agencies only pay for ads that are measured as viewable.
Native Ads
Native ads run on mainstream websites and apps inline with content. Social media ads are also supported.
Custom SponsorShips

For a unique program designed specifically for your business, Contact Us.

AdChoices & Viewabilty
AdChoices Icon support is available with DoubleVerify or Integral Ad Science for viewabiity tracking.