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Postgay Influencer Marketing (orginal)

Postgay – Influencer Marketing

Curated LGBTQ Influencer Network

LGBTQ Influencer Programs

We build data-driven campaigns for brands by leveraging the power of our network of influencers. Our unique campaigns are specially tailored to your brand’s needs – and we take care of it all through Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Blogs. We’ll help you strategize on which channels and LGBTQ influencers align best with your goals.

End to End Management

We select the right influencers, manage their deliverables, and track performance.

Influencer Curation

We activate the right influencers to achieve your specific goals.

Real Analytics

We track each influencer’s audience and engagement, with demo reporting by age, gender, and location.

LGBTQ Influencer Channels

Travel, auto, health, beauty, style, grooming, home, gay, lesbian, transgender, parenting are examples of influencer channels.