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LGBTQ Influencer Community


Get rewarded by partnering with the brands that value your social influence

Gay Ad Network makes it easy for you to make money from top brands. After you apply to our influencer community, we will let you know when there’s a campaign that fits your interests and style. Instagram, TikTok and YouTube platforms get the most business, so be sure to connect one or more of those accounts.



Am I qualified to join?

Our influencers must have a proven track record of consistent posts and consistent follower growth. We value quality over quantity, so there is a delicate balance between how many shares and comments you receive on average, your follower count and your content views. Join to start earning a profit from your social media presence.


How do I become a Post.Gay Influencer?

1. First you join Post.Gay Ad Network
2. Then you validate your email address
3. Connect one or more of your social media accounts
4. Receive invitations to participate in new campaigns
5. Decide if the campaign is right for your brand and your audience
6. Set your rate and apply to participate in the campaign


How much money will I earn?

We match brands to the Post.Gay influencers who are the best fit
Earnings vary for each campaign depending on the brand and the platform
Your audience quality, size and engagement rate also impact earnings
Since we focus on LGBTQ audiences, our sponsors compensate our influencers at above market rates
You can choose your rate for each campaign, subject to sponsor negotiation
Your earnings are paid out through PayPal each month
If you don’t have a PayPal account, get a PayPal Account

Why do I need to connect to my social accounts?

All major social media channels are supported: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. By connecting one or more of your accounts, our platform can track the performance of your sponsored posts and determine when your payments should be made. Only one account needs to be connected to join. We recommend Instagram and/or TikTok since most sponsorship include one of these platforms.

Trust Gay Ad Network as your Agent

Why is Gay Ad Network better than a talent agency?

We focus exclusively on attracting sponsors interested in reaching LGBTQ consumers
We have been selling digital advertising across LGBTQ media since 2007
We deliver relevant campaigns that matter to your fans and followers
We deal with all of the business negotiations and payment terms and collection
We establish brand usage rights and exclusivity requirements
We work with established as well as emerging influencers
We can help influencers grow their audience reach through paid media boosting
We do not require exclusivity
There is no cost to join

The Leader in LGBTQ Digital Advertising

Gay Ad Network is a National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce certified Business Enterprise
Gay Ad Network was named to the Inc. 500|5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies